Placing Boom | B Series


Models in B Series


B Series General Features

  • “Slip-ring” mechanism to provide infinetely slew turn. No need to care about positioning the starting point of operation
  • Detachable structure with “easy-split” boom through a single pin connection allows most versatile use of the equipment especially when the crane capacity to hold is limited
  • Ballast boxes are provided as standard; no need of preparation of the ballasts, the equipment is just ready for “plug-in and run”
  • Heavy-duty slew gear is standard to provide stronger and long lasting service life compared to the worm-gear trains

B 21


Main Specification

3-Elements Boom with Raised Tail Frame
21 m Horizontal Reach

B 308 - 312 - 15 - 17 - 18


Main Specification

3-Elements Boom 
8 to 18 m Horizontal Reach

B 212


Main Specification

2-Elements Boom
12 m Horizontal Reach

Outstanding Features of Atabey Spider Booms


Heavy-Duty Slew Gear

All Atabey B-series concrete Placers has heavy-duty slew gears integral with reducer gear-box. The system is much more reliable as compared to generally used worm-gear reducers.

Although worm fear reducers are sufficiently strong against pre-determined loads, they are weak against small accidental hits of the boom end (that may frequently happen in construction job-sites)


Infinite Rotation System With Slip-Ring Mechanism

There is no any limit of turning angle during operation. One of the considerations during positioning of conventional spider booms is to plan starting angle position in convenience with pouring steps. Even if the spider boom has 360o total slew turn ability, that is not perfect. People frequently tries to push further with end-hose at the slew turn limits in order not to wait for a complete reverse turn. With Atabey, there is no such a limit: easy, friendly operation.


Ballast Boxes

Easy start up with Atabey placing booms.

Readymade ballast forms supplied with the equipment.

No need to construct formwork etc. to obtain ballast weights.

It is as easy task as filling the boxes with concrete only!


Emergency Hand Pump

Emergency hand pumps are standard on all Atabey B-series placing booms.

Never stop concrete pouring!

Even in case of power cut, concrete placing can be finished by manual hand pump.

No “cold-joints” with Atabey placers


4-Wheel Carriage Options

  • With or Without Traction
  • Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Remote Control for Self-Travel & Steering

Elevation Tower Options

Standard or Custom Designed Solutions


Short-Outriggers with Ballast Weights (Freestanding)


Standard Outriggers (Freestanding)


Tower Base Anchored to Deck (Anchored)



Hydraulic Diversion Valves

(with hand pump and/or external hydraulic line connection)

Power Packs for Diversion Valves

(electric or diesel driven)

Pipeline Scissors

(slip-form pipeline connection)
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